The Run Features Broken Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Every Saturday at 8:00pm the Torch presents The Run. Every Month we feature a new performance run celebrating our art form through new improvised productions put together by a thriving troupe or an inspired creator. This month’s run features:

8pm Every Saturday in February
Created & Directed by Brian Ress

Do you laugh at drama? Do you tend to ooo and aaaa? Do you love watching some haymakers and slobber knockers? This show is for wrestling fanatics and comedy junkies and everyone in between. Experience the ridiculous and comedic side of pro wrestling. You’ll see a bunch of would be pro wrestlers cutting promos and ripping into their “opponents” with their marvelous mic work. You’ll even see a match being called by our very own Torch Theatre announce team! Enjoy all the mezmorizing magic of the ring without stepping into it with this month’s powerdriver performance! – Broken Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

Cast Includes:
Ring Announcer – Clifton Grey

Commentary Team – Jose Gonzalez, James Hoffmaster, and Charles Botz

Roster – Billy Brandes, Bill Binder, Liz Hutchman, Jacque Arend, Stacy Reed, Amy Carpenter, Nina Miller, Lou Moon, Micheal Palladino, Joe Baggs, Rob Maebe, Eric Storie, Sean McBride, Javier Gilmore, Micheal Jacobs, David Wilson, Sam Haldiman, Tommy Cannon, Shanna Leonard, Raphael Robbins, De’Onte Lemons, Sarah Caffee, Mindy, Whiss, Bryan Gerdes and Shane Shallenberger. Special Guests: Valerie Vasilas and Nick Armstrong.

For further information or press passes, please contact

Tickets: $10

Event Details

This event finished on 25 February 2017

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