Big & Bold Choices: Get in there Hot!

Do you feel like you are wasting the first 30 seconds of your scene in your head, trying to plan, and not having fun? Work with Kat Brown, Director of Training at Finest City Improv (San Diego, CA) to bring your boldest self to scenes. Stop trying to plan and guess and instead come out swinging with big moves that will make you the dream player to be on stage with! We will be working on scene starters and emotional reveals so that you can go for rich characters and fast play. Everyone loves choices, so come learn how to make them bigger, faster, and stronger.

Date & Time: October 12th,  2018 – 1:00pm-4:00pm

Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Improvisors

Location: The Torch Theatre | 4721 N Central Ave | Phoenix, AZ  85012


Kat Brown is the Director of the Training Center at Finest City Improv in San Diego, California as well as a seasoned level one teacher. She completed graduate studies in theatre at UC Santa Cruz with a focus on education and teaching performance in schools. She was featured in Finest City’s: It’s F*cking Christmas! (A Holiday Spectacular), Some Magnificent Thing! (A San Diego-centric sketch show), and is now in development for A Single Lady all about falling in love. She can be seen performing with The Hardy Boys, Swim Team (all female improv), and Killer Giraffe.

Tuition: $40


Event Details

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Workshops require immediate payment to secure your spot. If you are on the waitlist please ignore the redirect after submitting. All cancellations are non-refundable within two days before your scheduled workshop.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: After registration you will be redirected to make immediate payment of full workshop tuition. If you choose not to pay upon registration your spot will be subject to removal if the workshop sells out. You are responsible to have your workshop paid 24 hours before the scheduled date. You can find out how to pay through your confirmation email. Cancellation within two days before your scheduled workshop will forfeit a tuition refund. Showing up late without contacting us could also result in dismissal.
This is a new document as of November 2018 and all workshop attendees should complete this document. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to foster a safe and welcoming place to collaborate artistically through improvisation.
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