Bearded Nation Tour w/ Bearded Men Improv

The Bearded Nation Tour takes the Bearded Men of Minneapolis and Los Angeles on their biggest tour yet, celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

They’ve performed over 600 shows and been invited to over 18 improv and comedy festivals around the U.S. and Canada and have weekly shows at HUGE Theater in Minneapolis and at the Impro Studio in Los Angeles. Their signature brand of improv is unique, fantastic and widely recognized. They work together to create stories of all types and genres based merely on an audience suggestion. It’s all made up on the spot, never rehearsed before, never to be seen again. They catapult their audience into an epic journey ranging from the aisles of a shopping center to forbidden planets, from the high seas to the old west… always crafted with a hint of danger, romance and a dash of spectacle. So sharpen your swords, grab your high heels, and get ready for one hell of an adventure.

The Bearded Men think of it like this, “We tell epic stories of heart-warming proportions.”

Where will their adventure take you?

Tickets: $5

Event Details

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