May 28th features Kelsey & Gonzalez y Gonzalez Every Saturday – 7pm – $7 First Saturday – Bingo Jam – FREE Second Saturday – Mail Order Bride – $7 Third Saturday – Galapagos – $7 Fourth Saturday – Rotation $7 The

Every Friday – 8:30pm – $10 May 5th – Kelsey, Laura Ingalls and Light Rail Pirates May 12th  – Spearmint, Desdemona and Apollo 12 May 19th  – Displacers, Adult Bakery and Unicorn Warpath May 26th  – Zombie Gourmet, TBD and Judd June 2nd – Desdemona, Krindy and Light Rail

Wanna give improv a try? Here’s your chance! This FREE class will focus on basic exercises and the fundamentals of improv. It’s a brief glimpse into the core curriculum of The Torch Theatre’s training center. This class is superfun and

Every Saturday, The Revolver brings a new flavor to the stage! Every First Saturday of the month, The Bingo Jam brings together improv performers of all stripes to mix it up. Names are randomly selected from the jam bucket and