Cerberus Cup Registration


Registration is OPEN!
Deadline December 13th
Payment is due by the deadline and will be required to secure your spot.

(Registration fee of $33 per team – that’s only $11 per person! Plus, it goes to support the 2017 Phoenix Improv Festival!)

3 things to know about registration:

1. Please register with a full team roster of three named people. Placeholder registration (aka “I’d like to sign up for Cerberus and I’ll let you know who’s on our team when I know”) will not be allowed. Your three players must all be available for qualifying and final (if you proceed) bout. No substitutions are allowed in Cerberus Cup (barring uncontrolled circumstances).

Single player or team of two needing a third? – submit yourself or two of you and we will help you form a complete team, after which you will have to return to this page to register your complete team to reserve your spot. Preference goes to full teams, but if there is still room by the deadline – you’ll get assigned to fill the remaining slots – so you can register as a single along with trying to put a full team together.

2. Teams paying in full determines the picking order of performance slots. You can pay online by selecting so or at The Torch Theatre’s box office. Any teams not paid by the deadline specified below will forfeit their spot to the next team on the waiting list.

3. Players can be on one team only and must perform longform.

This is not a guarantee that a team will be found for you - however, with enough interest you may get put together with one, at which time you will then be responsible to register your group to reserve a spot in the Cerberus Cup.
This person is in charge of communicating with Cerberus coordinators.
The best way to get in touch with you.
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Payment is required prior to performance. Teams will not be considered for performance slots until payment is received.
We will send an invoice to your contact e-mail address to pay at your convenience to pay in advance. Payment either online, or in person must be received by the deadline to confirm your teams participation in Cerberus Cup.
Choose two slots and we will get back to you with details on availability.