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Meet Clifton, The Torch’s New Theater Manager

Clifton started taking classes at The Torch in May of 2011. He was volunteering every weekend soon after. By December 2011, Clifton was an intern and it didn’t take him long to know all the ins and outs of Torch

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Phoenix is the Home of Big Brains and Big Hearts

We’re still floating on clouds since being told that we were finalists for the Phoenix New Times’ Big Brain award two weeks ago. The Big Brain award recognizes people using their creativity to make the valley a better and more

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Improving Through Improv – Graduation At The Torch Theatre

Guest post by Shane Shellenbarger In 1971, while attending Frank Borman Junior High, my friend, Bob Limbaugher decided to run for Student Body President and he asked me to be his campaign manager. I agreed and began the work of

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A passion for unicorns

Unicorns are a hot topic at 4721. Our own troupe Unicorn Warpath is a little obsessed with them, and our friends Bob and Jessica Marquis have been bringing unicorns to the forefront with their current project, Unicorn-Art-Mix. Bob is an

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Clams are great because…

There is an improv warm up called “Clams are great.” The group stands in a circle and someone steps in the center and begins to list all the reasons clams are great until someone tags them out and takes over.

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And so it begins…

We are officially, legally, completely, absolutely certified for occupancy. After a long road, including hours and hours of volunteer hours, lots of donated dollars and goods, we are open for business! Shows are happening, people are laughing and the dream

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The Phoenix Improv Festival – The Comedy & Theatre Event of the Year!

Tonight is the first night of the 10th annual Phoenix Improv Festival! In addition to being the performers, teachers, and administrators of The Torch Theatre, many of us are the organizers and volunteers behind PIF. We essentially plan for nearly

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Love Letters

It’s Valentine’s Day. What better day to send a love letter. The Torch has been a big part of our lives for a few years and when the doors open on the new space at 4721, the theatre and the

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Improv truths

Respect choices made by others. Guy Ellis is currently taking Level 1 of the Torch Theatre classes. He posted a great summary of the book “Truth in Comedy” on his blog. Improv truths reach beyond the stage!

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Meet Alexander Cherry

Alexander Cherry is a staple at most Torch shows, you’ll know him by his shorn head and shirt that says “I had brain surgery, what’s your excuse?” And it’s true. He has had brain surgery. I’ve been in class with

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