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You Must Destroy to Create

The Torch has a build permit and we’ve wasted no time getting going on building a home for improv in the valley. After securing written consent from our landlord, we began work on building the new space. Of course before

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Front to Back

After a few weeks of revisions, the plans we submitted to City Hall they were approved and a build permit was made available to us. Which was great news! Except… The approved plans required some demolition to our floor and

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Round 1

The first round of reviews has been completed! Several inspectors down at Phoenix City Hall have reviewed our 19 page proposal for bringing The Torch Theatre closer to opening. Of the 19 pages, 18 were approved with minor notes. The

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

Anyone who’s been in the building these last few weeks knows how warm it’s been getting.  It turns out the Air Conditioning is working, but something’s not getting the air flowing properly in the space which means it’s not cooling

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We Have… A Plan

Cousin Larry would be proud. Opening a space takes a lot of people and a lot of steps. We took a big step this week by submitting a site plan. Since 4721 used to be a barber shop, the city

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Wow. You guys love chairs!

Last night was “a whirlwind of chairs” to say the least. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Adopt-A-Chair program. The Eames style chairs have been lovingly spoken for, and we are grateful. I don’t think any of us

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Get comfy at the Torch!

You walk beyond the red velvet curtain, and into an intimate space. The stage is empty, but the room is filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. You can’t wait to have a seat and get ready for a

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Meet Art The Electrician

In the process of getting 4721 ready to operate we had some electrical challenges.  Luckily in my business of food service and slinging libations I had the opportunity to come across Art who is not only an electrician but also

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Meet Jim Pinnella

“Oh and architect’s a person in your neighborhood. In your neighborhood. In your neighborhood.” In addition to all the amazing folks in the arts community helping us out. There are some folks outside the arts community helping us out too.

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Dreams come true

Work is underway for the new home for The Torch Theatre. We are going to keep you posted on the progress, the theatre, the people behind all of it right here, so subscribe and keep up! And don’t forget to

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