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Two Ways To Play In The New Year

The Torch Theatre has open submission for all interested improvisors to present their own longform perfomances on our stage. Our Cagematch show is an open opportunity for you to feature your team or show idea. Every Saturday night at 10:00pm

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A Guide to the Fifth Annual Ghostfest Improv Marathon

  This weekend marks our fifth year of Ghostfest, an improv marathon that consists of 32 straight hours of performances. This event is an anticipated event by improv enthusiasts and for The Torch Community it marks our improv new year.

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The Torch Hearts The Trunk Space!

We know that Valentine’s Day isn’t until next week but we just couldn’t wait to share our love for The Trunk Space! The Trunk Space turns 10 this year and they currently have an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund for a

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March Madness Alive with PIMMP #5

Yes – That is right – The Torch is holding it’s Phoenix Improv March Madness Playoffs – affectionately referred to as The PIMMP Tournament. This is the Torch Theatre’s fifth year holding this friendly competition, however, this is our first

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It’s Movember

November is a mighty fine month. It cools down nicely and makes outdoor activities fun. It’s the start of the holiday season, ends with friends and family over eating and watching football or talking about the top football sets for

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Back To Life, Back To Improv

The Torch had a fantastic time in Austin for the Out Of Bounds Festival this last week and we hope you had a great holiday yourself.   This weekend we get back to it with lots of wonderful things up

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Ghostfest 2012 Submission Info!

Ghostfest rides again! Ghostfest is the second annual longform improv comedy marathon going that starts on Friday, October 26th at 7pm and runs through Sunday, October 28th. Ghostfest is produced by The Torch Theatre as a fundraiser for the Phoenix

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Cyber Funday!

It’s a beautiful day for staring at a screen and hunting down deals! Why not help out The Torch Theatre while you find amazing cyber deals for your holiday gifts? Here are 3 ways you can do that, just by

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Clams are great because…

There is an improv warm up called “Clams are great.” The group stands in a circle and someone steps in the center and begins to list all the reasons clams are great until someone tags them out and takes over.

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Apollo 12

Last weekend, amidst all of the Phoenix Improv March Madness Playoff tournament (congrats to Juban!) and our on-going Cagematch (congrats to last week’s winners, Die Puppet Die), the good folks of Apollo 12 put themselves and their respective skills up

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