All Theatre Meeting Agenda 1/6/13

——– This is just a brief overview of what will be discussed on Sunday @ 6pm, if you have questions about these topics, please wait until Sunday to find your answers.

– below is an opportunity to address any questions, concerns or ideas for 2013 that are not listed here that you would like to be considered for discussion at our follow up meeting on February 3rd @ 6PM.

-We highly recommend that any student or performer attend this meeting if they are hoping to perform or volunteer regularly at The Torch Theatre in 2013.


All Theatre Meeting — Agenda                                     January 6th, 2013

Welcome – Recap of 2012 Highlights.

2013 – New Practices & Procedures



– Immediate
10pm late shows

Thursday Night shows at 8pm

Cagematch Scheduling changes

New Submission Process for monthly Scheduling
Scheduling Practices (what we look for through group submissions)

-overall goal of balance between experienced groups doing good work and providing stage time to help promising Torch improvisors grow



-The Torch will be facilitating two teams through an audition process (Feb)


Torch Groups and affiliation
-House Troupes (including founding groups)

-Performing Groups

-Ad Hoc Goups

—- all groups are considered Ad Hoc Groups unless they request establishment from the Torch Board. A certain amount of commitment, consistency and quality is required before a group can go through the evaluation process.

-Long Term
-Adding more shows (estimated for June)
-Staffing with more volunteers

-In Closing
-Feel free to explore outside of The Torch.

    -Take advantage of special shows

    -Forming your troupe


-OPEN FORUM — (depending on time – can be addressed or noted for a follow-up meeting Sunday, Feb. 3rd @ 6pm)

give us feedback on what’s discussed

Let us know what’s on your mind

what would you like to see in 2013?

We are looking for dedicated people who are ready to put some hard work into building a solid consistent group of performers. If you are not able to make time for weekly rehearsals and up to four shows a month, please do not audition.
We have added this question not as a way to time share you into classes - for these groups to succeed it is important that everyone has a common knowledge base in longform improvisation. We are not making Harold a requirement to audition, however that knowledge or you actively seeking the knowledge outside of this opportunity is a factor in our decisions.

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