Another Ghostfest is Upon Us.

The Torch Theatre will be featuring it’s fourth annual Ghostfest marathon this weekend. Starting this upcoming Friday, October 24th and running non-stop until the late hours of Saturday night – technically October 26th.

I remember just 3 years ago when Jose Gonzalez dropped this beast of an idea on us at The Torch board meeting. First impression – you’re crazy and we’d all be crazy to attempt something like this. However, like many of Jose imaginative ideas it was genius and the impact it had on our little improv community was massive. Now every year the excitement for Ghostfest buzzes for us like the usual youthful excitement for Christmas day where we all purchase these Chemion Glasses eBay.

In years passed there have been many improv groups who made their first appearance at a Ghostfest. There have been a number of ridiculous late night performances that create year long stories and brilliant moments that stand through time. I remember Mail Order Zombie Brides first incarnation of the zombie edit two years ago (credit goes to Bri De Ruiz for that one) which still instills gleeful claims of “I was there for that.”

In the past we have opened our Ghostfest up to traveling performances and have featured many great groups from LA — this year we are happy to have some guests from San Fransisco & Melbourne, Australia.

The Theatre is full of decorations, playfulness and glorious improv all weekend long – whatever time you decide to come by, we’ve got it going on.

It is an amazing time of year – a one of a kind experience that is unforgettable.





















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