No Free Drop In October 4th, Instead we present Rich Talarico

Visiting Instructor – October 4th & 5th

Rich is a 22 year improv veteran having studied with Stephen Colbert, Charna Halpern and the late Del Close. Rich has trained and performed at the Second City Chicago and IO Chicago. Rich has written for “Mad TV”, “The Tonight Show w. Jay Leno” & “SNL.” Currently he’s a Peabody Award winning writer and co-producer for Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele.”

Rich has led the Way Of Improv in Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Austin, Toronto, St. Louis, Chicago Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, Chapel Hill, Denver and recently at Camp Improv Utopia.  You can see Rich perform at UCB, LA and at festivals all over in “Dasariski.”  Rich is also available for private coaching.  You can read more about rich at:

Rich was recently nominated, along with his fellow Key & Peele writers, for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing For A Variety Series
  • Character/POV – CLASS IS FULL – Register for Wait List or *Audit
  • Saturday, Oct. 4th – 2:30pm-5:30pm
  • 3 Hours
  • $50
  • AUDIT $10
Character = choice.  Learn how to line up your own choices with gifts from your teammates as you create each other’s characters instantly on stage.  Feel the power of POV – the choice that guides all choices.   See how easy it is to discover your character’s world view, the filter through which only you look, and how to keep “playing the game” of your character throughout a scene and a show.
 *Auditing the class is to just observe and not participate.
  • Object Work
  • Sunday, Oct. 5th – 2:30pm-5:30pm
  • 3 Hours
  • $50
Learn the secret weapon of improv – Object Work.  A picture is worth 1,000 words so why don’t you want 1,000 words worth of information streaming into your scenes every time you deal with the objects and spaces around you.  Rolling visualization brings you fully into the skin of your character, in present tense engagement with the world around you.  Object work makes call backs easier, engages your audience, kills “talking heads” scenes, and creates opportunities for every other player on stage.
  • Sketch / Brainstorming and Pitching – CLASS IS FULL – Register for Wait List or *Audit
  • Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 4th & 5th – 11am-2pm
  • 6 Hours
  • $150
  • AUDIT $30
An idea is not a sketch.  Learn how to conceive and gestate your ideas into undeniable pitches.   This class will show you how to wring the most out of that first flash of an idea so that you are able to fully explore all the possibilities available.  You’ll also learn how to contribute to other’s ideas in a writer’s room.
 *Auditing the class is to just observe and not participate.


Here’s what people are saying about Rich:

“Rich’s workshop was the first to sell out at this year’s festival and is considered a ‘must take’ at any festival he attends”.
– Chris Moody – Producer, Detroit Improv Festival.

“Rich Talarico is one of the funniest and most inspiring human beings on the planet. As a teacher, his techniques and insights help you to become the best improviser you can be, in a very calm, cool and collected way.”
– Kevin Patrick Robbins Artistic Director Impatient Theater Co (Toronto)
“Rich is one of those rare people who not only loves to teach, but also wants to learn from his students. His passion and respect for improv as an ever-evolving art form is infectious. Also, he’s a shitload of fun.”
– Amy Rhodes (student Way Of Improv)
“After many years of studying and performing improv, Rich’s class was the one that really cleared up my approach to scenework. I left his class feeling confident and having many tools at my disposal to instantly create stronger scenes. The surprising thing is how very simple these ideas are.
– Steve Halasz (student Way Of Improv)
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