Happy Jamuary!

It’s Jamuary at The Torch Theatre (4721 N Central, Phoenix)!



Tonight, you can play with improvisors from all over and of all experience levels in Bingo Jam at 7pm (sign up by 6:30pm)!

Friday, the 10th, it’s the Monojam at 11:15pm. Randomly selected players perform in a 10-minute-long scene in one location with no edits!

Friday, the 17th, in honor of our guests from Austin, Nice Astronaut, we’re mixing it up with the Astro Jam at 11:15pm!

Wednesday, the 22nd at The Trunk Space (1506 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix), JamJam takes your ideas for a jam and mixes them up with fun improvisors! Right after the 8pm DinoProv show!

Friday, the 24th, it’s the 4th Friday Flash Jam! Teams of 7 randomly selected improvisors rock out in 10 minute sets!

Friday, the 31st, Jamuary concludes with the Rodgers & Jammerstein musical improv jam at 11:15pm! Improvise scenes & songs with the amazing accompaniment of Shane Carey on the Chapman Stick.

All jams are free to play and free to watch!


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