Meet Clifton, The Torch’s New Theater Manager

This area of the stage is sometimes referred to as “Clifton’s Corner.” In fact “Clifton’s Corner” has received mail at The Torch Theatre.

Clifton started taking classes at The Torch in May of 2011. He was volunteering every weekend soon after. By December 2011, Clifton was an intern and it didn’t take him long to know all the ins and outs of Torch Theatre operations. This month Clifton has graduated the training center’s six level program and his internship has ended. After all his hard work and dedication The Torch Theatre has made Clifton their new Theater Manager and an associate board member. We are very excited about his new position – he earned it!


Interview with Clifton Gray:

   What brought you to The Torch Theatre?
I have a friend who suggested that I check it out. I work with Todd Gordon, and his wife Stacey has been involved with the Torch for quite some time. I went to a couple of shows, thoroughly enjoyed it, and signed up for a Level I class soon after.
Why do you love The Torch?
I love The Torch because everyone is so supportive and accepting. The Torch is a community that is more than the sum of its parts, and the people who operate the theatre know that it takes a synthesis of several opinions and viewpoints to be most successful.
How has your involvement changed your everyday life?
It has given me something that I feel like I’m a real part of. Even before I was offered the chance to be an associate board member, in fact long before that came about, I realized I had been referring to The Torch as “my theatre” in conversation. It had become a place where I felt at home.
What are your hopes for your future with The Torch?
I’m excited to be taking a greater role at The Torch, and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the board and the community as a whole to continue to build on the success the theatre has seen since its official grand opening,
   Any last words?
Thanks. 🙂



And thank you Clifton!

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