The Torch Celebrates 5 Years!


The Torch Theatre turns five this October and we are celebrating with $5 shows all month long!


In 2006 longform took off in downtown Phoenix. Apollo 12 and Galapagos were already performing regularly and leading the charge through six years of Phoenix Improv festival. As the interest in festival grew and improvisors began to migrate into new groups, by 2007 we had six total longform performance troupes with the addition of Phoenix Neutrino Project, The Remainders, Mail Order Bride and Light Rail Pirates. The new surge was fueled by hopes of entertaining, educating and growing our little community which led to the creation of The Torch Theatre in October of that year. In the beginning we were comfortable with our nomadic state. We performed at venues that we had strong bonds with such as The Trunk Space and Space 55. We had a schedule that consisted of two to three shows a week at most. We held as little as two classes at a time. For three years we focused on finding our voice and paving our way as the only longform improv representative in Arizona. We saved our money, improved skills in performance, instruction, business and communication. Our collective grew and got stronger. In 2009 the time came to take the next step. As much as we loved the theaters that supported us and helped us grow in the first two years we became a large fish in a small bowl. So, we started our journey towards opening our own space. By May of 2010 we found our location at 4721 N Central and after one long year filled with hard work and generous contributions from our friends, family and community we opened our doors in July 0f 2011. Now here we stand in October of 2012 in a great part of Phoenix that is so rich with local business — performing six or more shows a week with various new groups and running six classes a session plus workshops. We are still alive, thriving and feeling better than ever. Thanks to everyone who has come along for the ride at any leg of the journey. Community is such an important part of our existence and I am amazed by ours every day.

Hope you get a chance to celebrate with us by enjoying $5 shows all month!!


Jacqueline Arend


In addition: I am also often inspired as an instructor of improv when so many people walk out of our training center and express how much improv had changed their life in many degrees. I recently came across this article here, thanks to Ken Diggs from Atlanta, which sums up what improv can do to your life or all of life for that matter. Ultimately it isn’t just for the performer as it can benefit anyone. On top of it all, it’s just fun.

Enjoy Level 1 this month with our RETRO Pricing $30 Off.  Classes start this week!


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