Ghostfest 2012 Submission Info!

Ghostfest rides again!

Ghostfest is the second annual longform improv comedy marathon going that starts on Friday, October 26th at 7pm and runs through Sunday, October 28th. Ghostfest is produced by The Torch Theatre as a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival!

We want you to submit your best shows, your most fun shows and your craziest ideas for shows that would be awesome in the wee hours of the night! If selected, your show will receive a time slot ranging from 15 to 30 minutes and you’ll be a part of the one of the wildest improv traditions in Arizona!

In addition to primetime performance slots, Ghostfest will include late night, overnight & early morning shows that skew toward the ridiculous & the experimental. (Need examples? Last year, the Green Lantern Family Reunion Thanksgiving Dinner brought together Green Lanterns from all over the galaxy for a holiday-themed monoscene. Staring Contest explored the intensity of a two-person show where eye contact is never broken.)

Ghostfest will also include improv jams sprinkled throughout the entire marathon and Ghostfest Jr., a Saturday morning programming block of shows just for kids! Have an idea for a particular jam show theme or format, or for a kids show? Submit them!

Submissions will be taken from now until Friday, September 14th, and performers can submit any number of shows. There is no fee to submit, but Ghostfest performers will need to purchase a $10 performer pass whose proceeds go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival. (There’s an exception for those performers traveling from out-of-state!)

The Ghostfest performer pass is per person (not per show that each person might be in!) & not only helps to support the Phoenix Improv Festival, but provides full access to shows restricted only by the seating available.

(For the general public, wristbands for the whole Ghostfest weekend will be $15. Single night passes will be $10. Ghostfest Jr. passes will be $5. These wristbands and passes provide access to shows based on seat availability.)

Bonus! Ghostfest performers can earn a performer pass by volunteering for Ghostfest! (Minimum 2 hours of volunteer time.) Plus, we’re working on having some great partnerships with some of our neighbors and local businesses, so there will be perks for helping out Ghostfest, The Torch, and the Phoenix Improv Festival!

Ghostfest volunteering information will be coming soon & will be sent to everyone who submits.

We might not be able to accept all of the shows submitted, but we’ll do our best to accommodate as many as we can. The earlier you submit, the better!

Here’s the link for Ghostfest show submissions:

Have a good luck and happy hauntings!

Original image by Rob Ireton, used under Creative Commons License

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