Improv Blast from the Past: Dasariski in 2003

Craig Cackowski, Bob Dassie, and Rich Talarico are each amazing improvisors on their own, but when they come together as Dasariski, it’s like magic.

While the video quality of this show (“We’ve Only Just Begun”/”Office”) isn’t super great and there are a few lines that even get drowned out by laughter, that it actually exists and is available online is pretty awesome.

I originally saw it live with Bill Binder at iO West in Hollywood during Bill’s years of commuting to iO West for weekly improv classes. It’s amazing how what I remember matches pretty exactly what’s in the video. I think it was late spring or early summer of 2003; it was before Talarico moved to New York to write for SNL. This was the last Dasariski show before their hiatus of a few years.

Rich Talarico has been back in Los Angeles for a few years now, teaches improv out there, and is a writer for the second season of Key & Peele (which is a fantastically smart & funny show). Dasariski now performs at least once a month, I believe, at the UCB Theatre in L.A. and in improv festivals across the country.

(You can catch even more vintage Dasariski action at Rich Talarico’s website.)

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