Cyber Funday!

It’s a beautiful day for staring at a screen and hunting down deals! Why not help out The Torch Theatre while you find amazing cyber deals for your holiday gifts? Here are 3 ways you can do that, just by clickity clicking some links today.

  1. GoodSearch
    When you use the Goodsearch search engine we get about one penny for each search (actually about 1.3 cents). That doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but some folks use the internet a lot. Like, a lot. So it adds up.
    The first time you go to Goodsearch, they will be asked which organization they support. Enter “The Torch Theatre” After that, just search. SEARCH FOR THE ANSWERS.
    You can change their default search in Chrome, Explorer or Firefox to Goodsearch by following the instructions for your preferred browser.
    You can also download a toolbar if you really want to.
  2. GoodShop
    Shopping is a great fundraiser for us, it adds up pretty quickly. To use Goodshop, you have to actually go to the Goodsearch page, click the GoodShop option and click the link for the store you want to shop from. So anything you score today from Best Buy or Apple, we get a small percentage.
  3. GoodDine
    Just like the search option, you have to go to the GoodDining page once. In the GoodDining area, you hook up your credit or debit card with GoodSearch. After that, anytime you eat food at a restaraunt in their database, a percentage goes to us. You won’t be charged for anything, we just get a percentage back.

So, not so hard. It’s is a great way to sit at home and support a more exciting Phoenix. Or, you could come out this weekend and see some Torch shows too!

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