Thank you! Yes, YOU!

The holiday season is settling in, no matter how much we tweet that it’s too early for Christmas music to play. We can’t stop the future from happening, and we can’t stop stores from pushing egg nog, candy canes and giant inflatable yard decorations in our faces.

We have been talking a lot at the Torch about community over the last few months. We have been so grateful for the support we have from those that have participated so far. We’ve seen growth in all areas of community since we opened our doors:

  • Our own improv community of performers, students and volunteers
  • The surrounding neighborhood we have joined with amazing places like Hula’s, Stinkweeds, Practical Art and Maizies
  • The community of people in Phoenix and beyond that support and participate in the local vibrant arts and entertainment culture

Whether it’s taking a drop-in class, volunteering at the box office, performing on our stage or taking a seat in our audience, this theatre and artform isn’t possible without a community of enthusiastic and dedicated people giving as much as they can every week. We really are stronger together than we are alone.

We want to extend a thank you to everyone that has been involved on this journey, and we want to encourage others to come check out this collaborative and fun world we are building at The Torch Theatre. This month, if you come to a show with friends or family, everyone in your party gets in for $5 each. All you have to do is mention “Giving Thanks” at the box office. You can also use the phrase to pre-order tickets online. You can even check in with friends via foursquare to unlock a deal. Bring a friend, your mom, your knitting club, your calculus classmates and enjoy a night of improv comedy together.

This season is about enjoying time together, and we look forward to enjoying time with you soon!

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