A Word from Greg Jarvis of The Apologists

Titanic by Eric Constantineau (www.ericconstantineau.com)

Greg Jarvis is a veteran improvisor who’s been a past member of the ComedySportz Phoenix and Apollo 12. He’s probably one of the most interesting people in Phoenix (if not the world) and he has great stories to backup my random claim.

His latest project is The Apologists. This Saturday, September 10th, The Apologists perform an improvised one-act play as part of The Torch Theatre’s weekly showcase, The Revolver (Flip opens).

A message from Phoenix’s own Greg Jarvis:

I saw the film Revolutionary Road the other day. It’s a really good 1950s drama with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and I was about halfway through the movie before I realized that I was watching LEONARDO DICAPRIO and KATE WINSLET from Titanic.

It was a little wierd. Titanic, love it or hate it, was a pretty big deal and these two actors were pretty well known for the characters of Jack and Rose, but here they were, in a serious drama doing some pretty impressive performances.

That’s kind of what I’m trying to do in my little improv show The Apologists.* I take well known, seasoned improv actors and recast them into one-act plays.  Sometimes they’re serious plays, and sometimes they’re silly, but we try to give more depth to our characters by giving them a little more time to breathe.

This Saturday (9-10-11) at 7PM at the lovely Torch Theatre I’ve lined up two well known Phoenix favorites to play along side me; Sam Haldiman of the Improvised Bookclub & Skewed News Hour and Jon Jahrmarkt of Apollo 12 & Galapagos have been entertaining for years, but never before have all three of us shared a stage. It should be great. I hope you can join us.

* I realize that in this metaphor all improv is the Titanic, and my improv group is a moody, depressing period piece that nobody saw, like when I entered the stage in the best electric scooter for teenager that day. But hey, writing a good metaphor is like writing a good … I don’t know. Writing is hard.

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