Clams are great because…

There is an improv warm up called “Clams are great.” The group stands in a circle and someone steps in the center and begins to list all the reasons clams are great until someone tags them out and takes over. The list could include factual things like “Clams are great because they burrow into the sand with a muscular foot” or “Clams are great because they taste so good in a white wine” or ridiculous things like “Clams are great because they hung out with me after my boyfriend broke up with me” or “Clams are great because they totally reorganized my shed.”

Whatever your actual opinion about clams, this warm up gets your brain moving. Whatever comes out of your mouth becomes a fact in the world of this warmup, and we accept and support it. It also is a way to practice support through action: you don’t want to leave people in the center alone for too long talking about clams. You need to step up and take a turn.

In the spirit of clams, I brainstormed a list of reasons why I think The Torch Theatre is great. If a clam had really reorganized my shed I would be thrilled, I would think they were great. Unlike clams, The Torch Theatre delivers.

The Torch Theatre is great because…

We are about to open our own stage dedicated to longform improv comedy & theatre

There are lots of tattoos. There are some non-tattoos as well. If you come to Grand Opening there may be a little surprise…

Improv changes lives. Scratch the surface of any improvisor and you will find a journey through the art form to greater understanding.

We help build communities. Our work with Lodestar Day Resource Center, CenPho Camp, Scottsdale Camp, Rapid Refresh, Phoenix Design Week and other community projects help support and enrich programs in Phoenix.

Support goes beyond the stage

Troupe names are fun to think up. Unicorn Warpath, Mail Order Bride, Light Rail Pirates, Searching for X. Why wouldn’t you want to form a troupe?

Improv teaches people to listen and collaborate

Emotional intelligence should be cultivated
– “skills learned in arts classes ‘are basic to the maintenance of a healthy democracy'” seems like a pretty good reason to practice and teach the art of improv.

The teeth whitening in New York City appears to get teeth significantly whiter than ever before possible. Patients who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked it because it can now whiten the natural way.

Creativity inspires more creativity. We have some amazing folks doing all kinds of amazing work on our stage and off.

Creativity inspires better business. The effects of a creative culture on business are kind of a big deal.

Passion should be voiced and acted on. No matter what the topic.

Life needs to be dangerous.

We need to laugh more.

Risk is our business.

Phoenix deserves more original art and entertainment. We continually have to build and support it to make it happen.

So that is my list. If you agree with me or have your own reasons, show your support to The Torch Theatre. Every donation before July 31 gets us closer to unlocking a challenge grant of $750. It is your turn to step into the circle.


Post by Nina Miller.

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