And so it begins…

We are officially, legally, completely, absolutely certified for occupancy.

After a long road, including hours and hours of volunteer hours, lots of donated dollars and goods, we are open for business! Shows are happening, people are laughing and the dream is a reality. Longform improvisation has a home in Arizona at 4721 North Central Ave in Phoenix.

Thank you so much to everyone that donated some of the over 1800 hours of time to make this happen. We are primarily a volunteer run organization, and the dedication and focus from everyone that came in to sweep, paint, mop, build, and organize is truly what improv is about.

When you walk into 4721, you may not see all the work that went into transitioning this from a barber shop to a fully operational theater. It looks like it has always been this way. But it was a lot of work.

Our matching challenge went off fantastically, we raised $1321 and our lovely anonymous donor is matching each of those dollars donated, doubling the total donation to $2642. Thank you to everyone that donated online or in person, and to the troupes and individuals that ran fundraisers in our name. We are so excited to be nearly at our fundraising goal overall for 4721.

How are we going to reach that overall goal? We have another challenge: if we get 100 people to donate by July 31, 2011, we will receive a bonus of $750 from a friend of The Torch. We are so lucky to have people that are willing to step up like this, so help us take this opportunity and maximize it. There are still bills to be paid and features to be added, so any donation is appreaciated. The culture of Phoenix thrives only with your support:

All of the people that dreamed this up in 2007 are excited and amazed. Your support has been both necessary and inspirational down this long road. And we are happy to take this new one with all of Phoenix!

More Torch 4721 photos available on flickr.

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