Ladies and Gentlemen: Apollo 12

Last weekend, amidst all of the Phoenix Improv March Madness Playoff tournament (congrats to Juban!) and our on-going Cagematch (congrats to last week’s winners, Die Puppet Die), the good folks of Apollo 12 put themselves and their respective skills up for bidding to help raise money for 4721.

Mack Duncan steps in with an account of just how things went down:

On Saturday, March 26, the gents of Apollo 12 placed themselves on the auction block to bring in a few more bucks for the Torch Theatre‘s 4721 build.
First up, spicy Latino Arturo Ruiz offered a Spanish lesson to one lucky bidder, bringing in $17.50.
Arturo was followed by cuddly giant, Rick Larsen. Lunch with Rick and his newborn baby on his Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller, Blueberry, snagged $13 for the Torch.
Jon Jarmarkt offered a unique package combining a back massage and a singing telegram, a total bargain at $11.
Mack Duncan‘s a la carte offering of a guest appearance in Vincent & Me and/or a personal puppet show and/or a movie took in $12.
The big score of the evening was Bill Binder‘s computer repair services.  Since Bill was out of town for the Dallas Comedy Festival, a teddy bear resembling octogenarian Leonard Nimoy stood in proxy.  In absentia, Bill went for $20.75.
Finally, a command performance from the entire Apollo 12 crew was perchased for $26, bringing the evening’s grand total to $100.25. Not bad for an improvisor bachelor auction, especially since 3 of the 5 gentlemen are no longer bachelors.
Even if you happened to missed the auction, you can still contribute to the 4721 cause by clicking here!
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