Let There Be Light

One of the many changes happening during our build is restructuring the electrical layout of our new theatre. Changing business types from a barbershop to a theatre requires some different requirements. When we started our build we had to turn off the existing electricity to prevent injury while opening walls and then making changes to the electrical landscape of the space.

As a result there have been a lot of temporary lights and flashlights in the space for the last few days

The changes we had to make originally, fell into two categories: minor adjustments to the existing setup to keep the building safe and larger changes that were specific to our theatre.

Minor Changes

  • Install proper EXIT signs on a seperate power source
  • Bring electricity to the outlet behind the stage
  • Adjust the bathroom lighting for the new layout
  • Modify the lighting setup in the lobby

Theatre Related Changes

Of course, there are always changes to the original plan. When the electrical inspector stopped by, he was very cool with the progress our electricians were making but pointed out one additional change we needed to make – a big one.

All of our new fixtures and outlets connect to the main power lines for the building. The main power lines for our space were installed a very long time ago and – to be frank – look like they’re wrapped in tobacco and tar. The inspector told us the main power lines were not safe and needed to be replaced.

A couple of trips to Home Depot and the project was back on track. The old lines were replaced with Romex 12/2 cable and the connectors were replaced with standard conduit. For additional safety, the Romex was encased in 1/2″ pipe connected to junction boxes.

After the main line was replaced, both the new and the existing outlets and switches had to be rewired into the main line. Most of the celing mounted lights were wired into the grid as well. After a lot of crawling around in ceilings, the main grid was safely reconnected with the new wiring and it was time to turn the lights back on.

Once the main line had been rebuilt, it was time to start installing some of the fixtures that will be unique to The Torch Theatre.  The stage lights and power packs are being hung from our lighting rack, the sconces and the chandelier are being put up and the light/sound board is being installed in the tech booth.

The electrical work is not done, but a lot has been accomplished. The finishing touches in the bathroom and fixtures will happen soon

And then…. on to drywall!


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2 comments on “Let There Be Light
  1. Nina Miller says:

    I can’t wait to play electric company!

  2. It’s amazing what improvisors can learn when they want their own space.

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