Love Letters

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It’s Valentine’s Day. What better day to send a love letter.

The Torch has been a big part of our lives for a few years and when the doors open on the new space at 4721, the theatre and the stage will belong to all of us. That stage is being built right now, but before it’s completed we all have a chance to leave our personal marks and stories inside the stage before it’s sealed up.

From now until February 25th, special envelopes will be available at all Torch shows and classes. For a $10 donation to help build the stage, you can have an envelope to seal in anything you’d like. We all have our special thoughts towards The Torch and now we can have them underneath our feet.

So get an envelope and put your own little piece of love inside. On February 26th, we’ll place the envelopes inside the stage and seal it up before our first show.

The stage belongs to us all. It’s the place we’ll continue to create wonderful things for years to come. You can put a little bit of yourself their, not just for the performers of today, but for those performers who will shape The Torch in the future.

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