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Keeping it cool

One of the many many people involved in opening a new space is a general contractor.

After Jim, our architect, completed the plans for our new floor layout and it got a stamp of approval from City Hall, we needed someone to build it. The Torch has many qualified workers and tons of willing hands, but the city needs to make sure  certified General Contractor does the actual work to bring us up to code.

In our case, that contractor is Brad.  Brad is the head honcho of his own contracting firm, Bradley J. Construction LLC.  Back when our plans were being reviewed by the city, Brad was one of the many contractors we spoke to and he came to us with not only a great knowledge of construction, but a great willingness to work with us to not just bring The Torch up to code, but to make it a beautiful place to perform in.

Brad has been checking in with Clif, Tommy and Bill on some of the finer points of building, but for the most part he’s taking down ceilings and putting up walls for us to admire.

If you stop by The Torch in the next few weeks, say hello and thanks to Brad.


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