Month: February 2011

Electrical Approved

Our first inspection went down today. The electrical inspector pointed out a couple of very minor changes that we were able to implement and then gave us the thumbs up to begin drywall work. That means drywall will be installed

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Let There Be Light

One of the many changes happening during our build is restructuring the electrical layout of our new theatre. Changing business types from a barbershop to a theatre requires some different requirements. When we started our build we had to turn

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Building More Than Walls

Also building improvisers. Our next session of Level I class starts in March. Saturday session starts March 5th Wednesday session starts March 9th For more information visit

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Love Letters

It’s Valentine’s Day. What better day to send a love letter. The Torch has been a big part of our lives for a few years and when the doors open on the new space at 4721, the theatre and the

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Meet Brad Johnson

One of the many many people involved in opening a new space is a general contractor. After Jim, our architect, completed the plans for our new floor layout and it got a stamp of approval from City Hall, we needed

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You Must Destroy to Create

The Torch has a build permit and we’ve wasted no time getting going on building a home for improv in the valley. After securing written consent from our landlord, we began work on building the new space. Of course before

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