Make Nothing Into Something

It has been said that improv can be fun. Well, it’s true. It can leave you feeling more confident, more creative and more connected. Improv inspires joy and gives you many things that you may not find anywhere else.

The improvisers in The Torch community have discovered this and they continue to learn, perform and share experiences with each other. These wonderful positives inspired The Torch to share it’s knowledge with as many people that were willing.

The Torch Theatre teaches longform. It is a type of improv that encourages honesty and support. It prefers finding the laugh rather than forcing it. Longform consists of relationships with your scene partners and discoveries made through connection with your ensemble. It is art and it is fun to create.

The Torch Theatre continues to offer opportunities throughout the year such as the beginning Level I class which is structured to introduce improv to people who have absolutely no experience.

We hope more people continue to discover this secret. We can’t keep it to ourselves because we need others to create with, plus it just doesn’t seem fair. We believe it exists within everyone, it is a childlike imagination lurking to be let out with no judgment. Perhaps the Torch Theatre can help you unleash it.

We offer FREE one time intro workshops every first Tuesday of the month. It is a drop in workshop and no registration is require. Our next one is January 4th.

We also have a new Level I class starting January 5th & 7th. We offer these classes every eight weeks.

Our six level program help students to explore all the possibilities good improvisation and a heavy tool belt can create.

Maybe 2011 is your year to discover how improv can impact you and your life.

Find our more about classes here —

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