Year: 2011

Big Torch Thanks for a Great 2011!

      The past year has been nothing less than amazing.   After four years of hard work and a history of performances all over the valley (including our dear friends The Trunk Space and Space 55), The Torch

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Give (or get) the gift of improv this year!

  (Update: We are extending availability of our holiday-priced gift vouchers to Sunday, January 1, 2012!)   The best gifts are experiences that can change how we see the world. This year we are offering an opportunity to have that

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From The Netherlands With Love

  Since July, Jolien van Middelaar has been working as an intern with The Torch Theatre. In addition to having someone from The Netherlands to teach us about her culture (though, she has yet to teach us all of the

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Cyber Funday!

It’s a beautiful day for staring at a screen and hunting down deals! Why not help out The Torch Theatre while you find amazing cyber deals for your holiday gifts? Here are 3 ways you can do that, just by

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Thank you! Yes, YOU!

The holiday season is settling in, no matter how much we tweet that it’s too early for Christmas music to play. We can’t stop the future from happening, and we can’t stop stores from pushing egg nog, candy canes and

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Improving Through Improv – Graduation At The Torch Theatre

Guest post by Shane Shellenbarger In 1971, while attending Frank Borman Junior High, my friend, Bob Limbaugher decided to run for Student Body President and he asked me to be his campaign manager. I agreed and began the work of

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Ghostfest Improv Marathon!

Get ready for Ghostfest! Ghostfest is a longform improv comedy marathon going from Friday, October 28th at 7pm to Sunday, October 30th at 1am. It’s being put on by The Torch Theatre as a fundraiser for the Phoenix Improv Festival!

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A Word from Greg Jarvis of The Apologists

Greg Jarvis is a veteran improvisor who’s been a past member of the ComedySportz Phoenix and Apollo 12. He’s probably one of the most interesting people in Phoenix (if not the world) and he has great stories to backup my

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A passion for unicorns

Unicorns are a hot topic at 4721. Our own troupe Unicorn Warpath is a little obsessed with them, and our friends Bob and Jessica Marquis have been bringing unicorns to the forefront with their current project, Unicorn-Art-Mix. Bob is an

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Clams are great because…

There is an improv warm up called “Clams are great.” The group stands in a circle and someone steps in the center and begins to list all the reasons clams are great until someone tags them out and takes over.

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