Round 1

Stick and Move. Stick and Move

The first round of reviews has been completed!

Several inspectors down at Phoenix City Hall have reviewed our 19 page proposal for bringing The Torch Theatre closer to opening. Of the 19 pages, 18 were approved with minor notes.

The one remaining page was our proposed electrical diagram created by SW Engineering in Chandler. Minor changes were required and Michelle – our electrical designer was able to do the modifications and notes over the weekend.  (For a sneak peek at our final electrical plans, click here.)

Although our electrical diagrams were the only required change, we also opted to update our plumbing diagram. Thanks to some great advice from our friend Kimber Lanning of Local First Arizona, we learned about a very recent 2009 city ruling that allowed us to open without dual drinking fountains. As much as we like drinking fountains, we like saving several thousand dollars as well.

After confirming with our friends Erin Andres and Jason Lindsey over at City Hall, we had a new plumbing diagram put together by Jeff over at OSE Design Group LLC to remove the drinking fountains. (See the new plumbing plans here! )

With all the updates, all that was left was to print them out over at Thomas Reprographics in Scottsdale where Peter O’Rourke plotted our drawings.

Another trip to City Hall – this time with Clif. They know me pretty well these days. The only obstacle that stood in our way was forgetting to bind the proposal before we visited, so Clif and I stapled the copies on the floor of City Hall. But they’re in the right hands now, getting final approval.

So what’s next?

The Torch is still interviewing general contractors, but as soon as we strike a contract with one, we’ll zip the contractors license number over to City Hall. The final approval could come as soon as today and approved plans + license number means we finally get our elusive building permit. And then the dust is really going to fly.

Put on your work gloves and goggles. The Torch Theatre is about to get messy.

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2 comments on “Round 1
  1. Shane Shell says:

    Is it possible to record a time-lapse video of the Torch Theatre construction? It would look killer!

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