Cerberus Cup VIII

The Torch Theatre has been producing this event since 2007 … now on Cerberus Cup VIII. The show was a brilliant creation by Jose Gonzalez intended and continues as an event to raise funds for The Phoenix Improv Festival throughout the year. It was also designed to be an excellent opportunity for all of the great improvisers in our community to step outside their norm and get on stage with different performers. It is called the Cerberus Cup because of it’s relation to the #3. Three players to a team, three teams compete per bout, three bouts in the preliminary round, a total of nine teams — 27 improvisers. The audience has total control over the fate of each team as they vote for the group that they enjoyed the most (or the team they are the most loyal to). The three winners move on to THE FINALS and only ONE winner leaves with THE CUP.

We had our eighth Cerberus Cup preliminary round last night, July 30th. There were many great groups of improvisers and although only three teams are continuing to tonight’s finals, all teams were delightful. Each groups brought their A games and proved to be consistently entertaining to all there to witness it. It is almost a mini festival. Not only does the audience get to enjoy the variety of the performances the performers also have a lot of fun being around so many of their peers in one night.

The humidity was intense and the Space 55 theater was a nice escape from the hot dense air outside. The rain that followed the conclusion of the three hour event (plus a surprise jam to follow) was the most refreshing experience any of us could ask for.

The groups that played last night and the winners continuing on to today were:


-Nina Miller, Ken Ferguson & Xchel Hernandez Zendajas
-Sam Haldiman, Liz Hutchman & Troy Row
-Shane Shannon, Shane Shellenbarger & Shane Carey

TRIZAM came out as the winner of that round.


-Amy Carpenter, Clif Highfield & Bob Marquis
-Danny Vega, Michael Margetis & Richie Tolway
-Stephanie Mello, Keren Sper & Nick Vandeveire

RZKY BZNZ took that round


-Jessica Berg, Michelle Edwards & Jacque Arend
-Carrie Benton, Dawn Gilpin & Mack Duncan
-Ernesto Moncada, Arturo Ruiz and Xchel Hernandez Zendajas

THE SUBTITLES proved victorious.

SO . . . Tonight at 8PM at Space 55 in downtown Phoenix – Trizam, Rzky Bznz and The Subtitles battle to take home the Cerberus Cup.

It has already proven a great success for raising a few dollars for The Phoenix Improv Festival X coming in 2011. Still one more night to exceed expectations. The Cerberus Cup is truly a great experience, a wonderful opportunity to see some great longform improvisation and an all out blast to watch!

It's not too later, Cerberus Cup Finals are tonight Sat. July 31st

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