Phoenix isn’t the only city working towards a new home for improv. Minneapolis is also ready to open a space that’s been a dream for years in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Our good friends Butch Roy, Jill Bernard and Nels Lennes and all the folks over at Huge Theater have been building the improv scene in Minnesota for years now, playing at Brave New Workshop, ComedySportZ and  The Bryant Lake Bowl (where you can have a burger, catch a show and bowl under one roof). But now they’re ready to move into a space of their own.

The lease was signed today for 3037 Lyndale Ave S. in the city. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them, but what exciting work. I hope The Torch and HUGE continue to grow together for years to come.

Some of us made the trek up to Minnesota recently to visit our friends out there. I hope to visit again when HUGE is up and running and invite them to come play here when we open our own doors.

And of course, HUGE needs help just like we do. so if you want to help or know anyone in Minnesota who needs to support their local art scene, HUGE is fundraising now.

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One comment on “HUGE News
  1. Nina Miller says:

    It's true, Minnesota and Phoenix go together like cherries and pie crust. I am proof!

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