We Have… A Plan

City Proposal by Jim Pinnella

City Proposal by Jim Pinnella

Cousin Larry would be proud.

Opening a space takes a lot of people and a lot of steps. We took a big step this week by submitting a site plan. Since 4721 used to be a barber shop, the city requires some changes be made to the space if we want to open it as a theatre.

The biggest hurdle was that our main room large enough that we’d run into some fire safety issues if we didn’t separate some safety paths in case of a fire. Phoenix proposed a solution that essentially made the building useless as a theatre, but Jim moved things around to squeeze every square inch out of our theatre space. A lesser architect would have given us a solution for the city at the expense of some of what makes a theatre inviting, but somehow he made the space even cooler! Now we have a tech booth lined up with the stage, entrances to the green room and display window area.

I’m more excited than ever to get into #4721. Hopefully, the city will approve our proposal this week which means we can start actually building.

One step closer to opening our doors.

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2 comments on “We Have… A Plan
  1. tdhurst says:

    Oh, Phoenix. Gotta love their grand plan. Nice work by Jim.

  2. tdhurst says:

    Oh, Phoenix. Gotta love their grand plan. Nice work by Jim.

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