Get comfy at the Torch!

A chair, alone. Sadly waiting for a friend like you.

There are so many lonely chairs out there waiting for your help... photo by tommy forbes via flickr

You walk beyond the red velvet curtain, and into an intimate space. The stage is empty, but the room is filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. You can’t wait to have a seat and get ready for a night of fun… WAIT, WHAT?! Where are the chairs!? NO CHAIRS. You run around screaming in a circle until you collapse, exhausted and empty.
Well, maybe not exactly like that. But it’s close.
Today we are launching our Adopt-A-Chair program for the new space. That’s right, there are 40 lonely chairs out there somewhere, and for mere pennies a day, you could be the proud parent of one or more of them. We’ll even put your name on it! Come be a part of Torch history! Adopt-A-Chair today.

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