Month: June 2010

Minnesota Dreamin’

Apollo 12 visited the great state of Minnesota over the weekend to spread a little Phoenix Improv around the country. With the suggestion of giraffe, we went off on a little journey of judging things we don’t understand. Along the

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Meet Joel Miller

Joel is our new neighbor and the owner of Maizie’s Cafe & Bistro. We discovered Maizie’s pretty quickly when we started working on the space. Apollo 12 has been using the space on Wednesday night’s for practice and quickly discovered

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Meet Art The Electrician

In the process of getting 4721 ready to operate we had some electrical challenges.  Luckily in my business of food service and slinging libations I had the opportunity to come across Art who is not only an electrician but also

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Meet Jim Pinnella

“Oh and architect’s a person in your neighborhood. In your neighborhood. In your neighborhood.” In addition to all the amazing folks in the arts community helping us out. There are some folks outside the arts community helping us out too.

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The Torch is in Phoenix, The Torch is All Over

The Torch is a part of the Phoenix improv community, but also part of the national improv community through traveling and performances at festivals across the country.

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Mack Duncan is staying awake for us

I’ve been excited to check in over the last 23 hours with Mack Duncan’s 24 live video journal at BlogTV. Mack’s been doing a 24 hour journal to raise money for The Torch and to help send one of our

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Dreams come true

Work is underway for the new home for The Torch Theatre. We are going to keep you posted on the progress, the theatre, the people behind all of it right here, so subscribe and keep up! And don’t forget to

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