Year: 2010

Guest Phoenix Improv Blog: Preston Smith of The Jester’Z

Phoenix improv has definitely come a long way over the past 5 to 10 years. It seems like every weekend is filled with awesome shows going on all over the valley. Every few months, new students are diving into classes

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Improv truths

Respect choices made by others. Guy Ellis is currently taking Level 1 of the Torch Theatre classes. He posted a great summary of the book “Truth in Comedy” on his blog. Improv truths reach beyond the stage!

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Round 2

The plans have been approved. I repeat. The plans have been approved. After the minor revisions in our original submission (including some electrical work and the removal of a drinking fountain) our plans went through all the inspectors at the

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It Gets Better When You Make It Better…

I do the impossible… that includes the pursuit of my dreams. I was bullied in Jr. High School, and life got better; mostly because I chose to make it better. 4721 is part of “Doing the Impossible” and “Making Life

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Round 1

The first round of reviews has been completed! Several inspectors down at Phoenix City Hall have reviewed our 19 page proposal for bringing The Torch Theatre closer to opening. Of the 19 pages, 18 were approved with minor notes. The

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Now It Resides in the Purview of the Diplomats

Well it’s time to see if we did our homework, dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s. After working with electricians, architects, HVAC inspectors, contractors and more, we’ve assembled a mighty proposal for the City of Phoenix. Here’s how we

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Guest blog? More like BEST blog, amirite!?

Jeff Cardello, recent Torch Theater Longform Training Center grad, wrote a sweet guest blog post for U.S.S. Rock N Roll. He details some more difficult moments on stage, which I have had the honor of sharing with him, and how

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Meet Alexander Cherry

Alexander Cherry is a staple at most Torch shows, you’ll know him by his shorn head and shirt that says “I had brain surgery, what’s your excuse?” And it’s true. He has had brain surgery. I’ve been in class with

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Torch Training Center Graduation Time

We just finished another session of classes. We had a group of students conclude a Level I, a Level II and a group that concluded the entire program. Not only was it the first group of students to participate in

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Cerberus Cup VIII

The Torch Theatre has been producing this event since 2007 … now on Cerberus Cup VIII. The show was a brilliant creation by Jose Gonzalez intended and continues as an event to raise funds for The Phoenix Improv Festival throughout

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